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Brain damage from poppers more and more reports concerning amyl. Don't try it!

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This is my experience of using Amyl and something that has happened over the last 6 months.

I'm not interested in those who do heavy drugs who already take unnecessary risks and have no respect for their body / mental health, who continue to do whatever drug they want and encourage their peers to do the same. This post is for those who have never used amyl and are looking at trying it and those that think it is harmless from a personal experience. I understand that this post will make some people angry as they can't fathom having sex / masturbating without poppers and they hate the idea that anyone else would encourage others to not use this drug and prevent a necessary part of their dependency and fantasy knowing that another guy is under the effect of amyl as well. You'll use any excuse to justify that it is harmless sniffing a toxic substance. If that's the case, keep your opinions to yourself and continue sniffing those toxic chemicals into your body.

It will only be a matter of time before I am no longer here and want to leave a warning for those people that this drug is dangerous. The pain has become unlivable and unbearable.

Chroming - is inhaling drugs to get high whether via the mouth or via the nose. You are inhaling a toxic fume into your brain and to think that it has no impact on whether physiology or mentally you are wrong. This along with the fact that there is a huge amount of fake products out there as well as companies not being truthful about what goes into their products - because all they have to do is say 'not for human consumption'.

No drinking, no previous drug use, no mental health issues. Fit 30-year-old male.

\- Dizzy, Brain Fog, Hard to focus on text takes 1 -2 seconds to focus, White light creates a strain on the eye, feels pressure behind the eye, Tinnitus all after sniffing amyl within a 1 week period. I feel like I'm constantly on a buzz/high. My mind never shuts down. I remember getting headaches while I sniffed the Amyl and my life has not been the same since. Every minute is a struggle for me, literally living is an effort. I have no peace of mind having all this pain/torment.

\- I have had numerous guys message me saying that they have experienced the same after sniffing amyl. I've also noticed on a lot of notice boards that these types of posts are being deleted as well.

\- Chroming / Inhaling has been linked to the equivalent of melting plastic by doctors - some say it's even more dangerous than cocaine because of the body's limited ability to digest it before it reaches the brain.

\- Think of how precious your eyesight is and how valuable it is to you. Is it really worth the risk to put that in jeopardy? Take it from someone who is having problems now - it's not worth it. Also, some will argue that it's only some nitrates that cause this. Do you think that the companies who make these products really care about you? - Do you expect that they are honest and have integrity? - Unless you get every chemical tested from a bottle that your about to inhale DO NOT TRUST what it says on there. They know what these products are used for however instead of turning around and saying - not for human consumption - however, this product has been linked to eye damage as well - they choose to only say the bare minimum. once again - Wouldn't want to scare away their users.

Please stay away from this drug. I understand people won't be happy with this post and there will be a lot of anger - but this is a warning for those who are just about to start and my own experience. Feel free to check my profile and read the agony that I have been experiencing ever since.

Your health is worth everything, please don't make the same mistake I did - by believing from other gay guys as well as doctors that these things don't happen or are very rare.