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OK – We’re not really trying to sell you anything here – This is just a database of the poppers that are available so that when people search for them they can at least be aware of the risks associated with Poppers and whether they are a leather cleaner or VHS cleaner or a Room Deodorizer.

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Double Scorpio Gold is, Double Scorpio’s most complex formula yet featuring a Holy Trinity of three isomers and elegantly presented in a shiny gold bottle. In scientific terms, it means it’s luxury in a bottle!

Double Scorpio Gold is scented with papaya essence for a smooth and sweet experience. When you pull this out of your nightstand, everyone in the room will know you mean business and those that know will be dying to experience it with you.

You can learn more about Double Scorpio by visiting their website or have a look at the range we offer right here on Poppers by Post!

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What’s the best way to store VHS cleaner to keep it fresh longer?

There are three things that are bad for VHS cleaner: Sunlight, moisture, and warm temperatures. Keep the bottles out of direct sunlight, especially the green bottles. Keep the bottles in a refrigerator or freezer when you’re not using them. But let them warm up before opening the bottle, if it’s cold, it will pull in moisture from the air more quickly. The best way to avoid moisture buildup is to open the bottle as little as possible. You can maximize shelf life by transferring some cleaner to a smaller bottle each cleaning session. That way the main bottle only needs to be opened once.
Double Scorpio clearly have on their page – Not for Human Consumption.

The point of this website is to educate people that their poppers are not the same hospital grade Amyl Nitrite used to treat Angina.

Any type of leather cleaner / VHS cleaner is a Solvent

Sniffing a Solvent to get high is called Solvent Abuse

Check out more information on this website including my bad experience – but google Solvent Abuse if your curious about the ramifications  of sniffing a solvent.  Also check out the following articles

Woman dies after drinking bottle of poppers usually used as a sex stimulant

A woman has died after drinking an entire bottle of poppers that are commonly used as a sex stimulant. The woman fell ill and died the same day she bought a bottle of XL Gold at Party Time off licence in Arbroath, Angus, a police report has said. . . .

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Father calls for more talk about risk-taking after son dies from 'huffing' barbecue gas bottle

A Port Lincoln father has sounded out a warning to parents about the potentially fatal consequences of children inhaling from barbecue gas bottles, after the death of his 16-year-old son.
Paddy, 16, died after inhaling gas from an LPG cylinder, an act known as "huffing" while at a friend's house in Port Lincoln on February 9.
"It was just a normal Saturday night and he wound up dead," Adrian told ABC Radio Adelaide.. . . .

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Coroner warns of the dangers of party drugs following Darlington man's death

A CORONER has warned of the dangers of recreational drugs after a man was found dead in a Darlington flat after taking poppers. The body of 58-year-old John Martin was discovered by police in the bedroom of his first floor flat in Peel Street, Darlington, after officers were contacted by mental health workers concerned for his welfare. . . .

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The dangers of 'poppers': Using the sex drug just ONCE can cause irreversible damage to your eyes

A new generation of the sex drug 'poppers' can cause irreversible damage to the back of the eyes, scientists warn.
Just one use of the legal highs can trigger the deterioration of the fovea - the part of the retina responsible for the clearest vision.
Despite being designed to create feelings of euphoria, the main chemical ingredient can trigger side effects . . .

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